Australian Listed Microcap Investments
Acorn Capital Microcap Fund
The Fund invests in microcap companies traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (‘ASX’).


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Australian Unlisted Microcap Investments
Acorn Capital Private Opportunities Fund
A Venture Capital Limited Partnership (VCLP) that provides investors with access to Australian growth private equity and venture capital.


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Asian Small Cap Investments

Acorn Capital Asia Small Cap Fund
The Fund invests in small cap companies traded on exchanges in Asia ex Japan.


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中 文

한 국 어


Australian Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

The Australian SIV program is a new visa pathway for migrant investors seeking residence in Australia.


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Acorn Capital Investment Fund Ltd
(ASX Code: ACQ)
A listed investment company (‘LIC’) investing in Australian emerging growth opportunities (listed and unlisted microcaps).


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Asian Small Cap Investments (Taiwan Investors)

亞洲小型企業股投資 (台灣投資者)
T Class units are only available to clients of Taiwan Offshore Banking Units (‘OBU’) or Offshore Securities Units (‘OSU’).


JV Partner. Further information about our partner or the Acorn Capital Microcap Fund can be found at our partner's website Australian Unity.