Our Strategies

Research driven investment processs

Acorn Capital manages investment strategies that provide access to listed and unlisted Emerging (or Microcap) Companies. The Acorn Capital investment philosophy is derived from its belief that there are pricing inefficiencies amongst Emerging Companies due to a lack of readily available external research conducted on such entities. Acorn Capital believes that through a research driven investment process the inefficiencies that exist in Emerging Companies can be exploited to earn superior returns.

Retail Investor Strategies

Acorn Capital Investment Fund (ACQ)

Acorn Capital is the manager of ACQ, a Listed Investment Company the shares of which are traded on ASX. ACQ invests in both listed and unlisted Emerging Company securities and is modelled on the wholesale Emerging Growth Strategy.

Further information on this strategy can be found at www.ACQfund.com.au

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Institutional/Wholesale (1) Investor Strategies

Acorn Capital Australian Listed Microcap Strategy (AC-ALMS)

The AC-AMS provides institutional investors with exposure to a portfolio of ASX-listed microcap securities. Acorn Capital defines “Microcaps” as companies outside the ASX-250. Through a bottom-up stock selection process, the AC-AMS provides investors with access to both mature and developing companies. Acorn Capital believes that portfolio diversification by both stock number and sector is an important risk management tool for the long term investor

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Acorn Capital Emerging Growth Strategy (AC-EGS)

The AC-EGS strategy provides an investor with exposure to a portfolio of listed and unlisted microcap or emerging growth companies that are at an expansion stage of development with an Australian nexus. Portfolios are constructed through a bottom-up stock selection process. The AC-EGS can be provided through a segregated investment vehicle which can be modified to meet specific investment objectives.

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Acorn Capital Concentrated Emerging Growth Strategy (AC-CEGS)

The AC-CEGS is a benchmark unaware, concentrated portfolio of predominantly unlisted Emerging Companies with an Australian nexus. The CEGS may also invest opportunistically in ASX-listed Microcaps. Investee companies will typically be at the expansion stage of development, as this is a stage at which Acorn Capital believes that its research capabilities, as well insights and investment skills can generate absolute returns. Acorn Capital will seek to enhance risk-adjusted investment returns through active management.

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Acorn Capital Venture Capital Limited Partnership (AC-VCLP)

The AC-VCLP is an unconditionally registered Australian Venture Capital Limited Partnership and is an eligible venture capital fund under the Significant Investor Visa programme.

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(1) As defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act).